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With hundreds of providers to choose from and more popping up by the day, it can be a daunting task to find one that can solve your business’s unique problems. And with all of them offering similar services and touting themselves as the “one-stop-shop solution”, how do you know who to trust?

Well, Iceberg Managed Solutions has already done the legwork for you. We work with a large ecosystem of stable, vetted partners in all key areas of running your business applications and technology solution needs. Utilizing these relationships along with our own capabilities, we can offer a holistic set of solutions that can best solve your business’s unique needs. Most importantly, we take an independent, consultative approach so you can trust you’re receiving unbiased recommendations that will truly benefit your business.  Call us today and allow us to understand and recommend solutions where you need them most.


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Your Business outcomes are paramount!

When you deal with a Solutions Provider directly, it’s difficult to avoid the biased best of breed speak. Tech talk is simply in their nature and their solution is always the best. We promise that Iceberg Managed Solutions is a business consulting company.  We’re business men and women, just like you, and we understand how IT can optimize business outcomes.  Our discussions are centered on solutions that deliver uptime, security and efficiency to your business and to your customers!  Our own services coupled with several long term partners and providers work together to deliver the right solution for your needs.


save time

Save Time

Do you realize how many hours can be wasted negotiating with IT providers? Potentially hundreds. With Iceberg Managed Solutions, our trusted partnerships eliminate this problem. Additionally you can feel rest assured that we provide solutions wrapped in our support and project management capabilities allowing you to focus on your business.


multiple locations

Multiple locations made easy

Having multiple offices and locations for your business can make finding the right IT provider painfully frustrating. Not to worry. Iceberg Managed Solutions specializes in implementing the most current innovative solutions to networking your infrastructure across multiple locations.  The WAN edge infrastructure is changing.  We help you implement turnkey solutions with multiple provider high availability to ensure a secure approach where all of your business applications, voice services and Internet connections are highly available and responsive making your business more efficient.


save money

Save money

Time is money. And you’ll save lots of it by not having to spend your days on the phone with multiple providers whenever an issue arises. What’s more, our industry connections give you access to exclusive channel resources from our partners that would otherwise be unavailable.  Call us today to discuss optimizing your multiple provider spend and how we can consolidate billing, lower costs and increase visibility into your technology spend.


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