About Us

Business needs matched to best in class solutions equal better outcomes

Iceberg Managed Solutions LLC isn’t your typical IT provider. We’re an aggregator of many solutions and partners delivering the best results to our Clients. While we know IT like the back of our hands, we generally offer a mix of Services, Skills and Partners that constitute best in class Solutions. We listen to your roadmaps, initiatives and technology problems and use our years of IT and business experience to match you with the perfect Solution or combination of solutions that is destined to turn your technical needs into solved problems. How do we do this? It’s all through our Consulting, Project Management and our valued Partners - leading Solutions Providers globally that have a track record of producing real business returns on your IT investment.

How is our service better than simply finding an IT provider on your own?

Simple, we empower your business with these unique benefits:

  • Find your perfect IT provider - you can waste lifetimes searching for the right IT cloud provider or carrier. Iceberg Managed Solutions finds your perfect match quicker than you can imagine.
  • Exclusive, discounted rates - our partnerships and industry connections give you access to exclusive deals and rates you can’t find with a typical IT provider.
  • No geek speak - we know IT, but we’re businesspeople at heart. When you partner with us, we promise to avoid the techie jargon that’s so common with the average IT provider.  We love business process, application efficiencies, and streamlined integrations to accelerate business, eliminate redundancies, and increase productivity!
  • Easy multi-location networking - we specialize in connecting your multiple offices and locations either together or to the cloud with a fluid IT infrastructure for streamlined business application optimization and control.
  • Better service - we’re a service oriented company, and we’re committed to delivering you lower costs, trusted expertise, and the best customer service.

If you’re tired of searching for the right IT provider and are ready to put your technology problems behind you for good, then look no further. Iceberg Managed Solutions is the solution you’ve been hunting for. We look forward to partnering with you.

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