Finding the perfect IT solution is possible

Iceberg Managed Solutions gives you access to a variety of IT providers and exclusive rates that empower your business with the technology solutions you’ve been searching for. When you contact us, we listen to your needs, analyze them, and match them with the right carriers and services to solve them. With Iceberg Managed Solutions, IT perfection is possible.

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In conjunction with our partners, we provide the following services tailor made to your unique business needs:

Managed Services

Does your business grind to a halt when your IT breaks down? Are you shocked by the size of the resulting repair bill? Managed Services provides an alternative option to the traditional break/fix contractor. Instead of only servicing your IT when it breaks down - erupting into massive downtime and skyrocketing bills - it’s proactively monitored 24/7/365. This prevents problems from ever arising in the first place.

BENEFITS: Flat-fee, fixed monthly billing that brings predictability to your budget. Proactive monitoring ensures that small IT malfunctions don’t snowball into huge expenses and downtime. Therefore, you save money and have a smoother operating business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

If your business is affected by a fire, earthquake or theft, will your critical business data withstand the damage? With Backup and Disaster Recovery from Iceberg Managed Solutions, your data is backed up daily at our secure offsite location. In the event of a disaster, you’ll have access to it within hours - or even minutes.

BENEFITS: Sleep soundly knowing that the data your business depends on is always secure and easily accessible. Feel confident knowing that no disaster, be it a tree falling through the roof or a 9.0 on the Richter scale, has the power to rob your business of the vital data it relies on.

Business Continuity Planning

This service is similar to Backup and Disaster Recovery, but more. Business Continuity Planning not only enusres the safety of your data when a catastrophe strikes, but also gives your business the ability to keep running and turn profits while the disaster is actually happening.

BENEFITS: Peace of mind knowing that your critical data is securely backed up offsite. Keep your business open to customers in the event of fire, theft, earthquake or other disaster. No loss in profits when catastrophe strikes.

IT Consulting

Learn how to harness technology to solve your real business problems and create a more productive, efficient organization. IT Consultants help you plan, implement and maintain an ongoing strategy that reaps your greatest technology ROI yet.

BENEFITS: Transform technology from a burden to a tool that empowers your organization. Reach new heights in profits, productivity and efficiency. IT Consulting enables your business to fire on all cylinders - at peak performance.

Network Security

Ready to stop worrying about cyber threats? Iceberg Managed Solutions’s partners provide you a virtual buffet of network security, including a firewall that blocks unauthorized users’ access to your network, the latest in antivirus and antispyware technology, and even Virtual Private Networks if you so choose. Additionally, our IT carriers can implement security measures to keep your organization in compliance with industry standards.

BENEFITS: Prevent downtime from a security breach that could grind your daily operations to a halt. Peace of mind knowing your vital business data is protected from the latest viruses, hack attacks and cyber threats.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services enable your business to access data and programs via the Internet instead of on your computer’s hard drive. It gives your business a convenient place to store, edit and share documents and files between employees, wherever they are in the world and at anytime.

BENEFITS: No longer waste time searching for misplaced files or documents - in the cloud, they’re all in one place. Boost productivity, collaboration and efficiency by being able to work on projects from anywhere. Reduce physical infrastructure and save money.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Empower your business with a telephony system that’s as advanced and reliable as the ones large enterprises use. UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service brings the latest in Collaboration technology to your fingertips.   No more onsite visits or upgrades of your on premise solution and the most productive features for employee productivity available.  Blend Web Meetings, Click to Call, Mobility, work from home and many other features into a single solution delivered from the Cloud.   Call us to help you find the right solution today.

BENEFITS: Never miss an important phone call again. With UCaaS, you’ll be able to answer calls while you’re in remote locations or foreign countries via laptop or mobile phone forwarding. Save money by ridding your business of the expense of a traditional phone line and gain access to productive features that help drive a better Customer Experience for your business.

Email & Spam Protection

Did you know that email is an easy entry point for viruses and hackers to infiltrate your network? Email & Spam Protection from Iceberg Managed Solutions provides a reliable email system that protects your business from phishing schemes, malware, and more.

BENEFITS: Relax knowing your email is secure in the hands of one of Iceberg Managed Solutions’s trusted IT providers. Enjoy the mental clarity and added focus that comes with an inbox free of spam and other distracting junk mail.

Hosted Solutions

Buying new software and applications can be expensive. But not anymore, with Hosted Solutions from Iceberg Managed Solutions. Our IT carriers empower your business with the latest software and applications your company needs, all for one low monthly price and hosted offsite with one of our partners.

BENEFITS: No longer compromise your business and settle for less powerful software and applications because of high upfront costs. Feel confident you have the best technology available. Stop wasting time with the constant cycle of updates for software and apps - our carriers perform all updates for you.

Microsoft Office 365

Modernize your business for the 21st century, and enjoy all the benefits the cloud has to offer while using the applications you’re comfortable with, including Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and more. This is the stress-free cloud transition Windows lovers have been waiting for.

BENEFITS: Easy integration with all your Microsoft Office products. Peace of mind knowing Microsoft-provided security is included. Blast your productivity levels through the roof with a user interface that is both intuitive and simple to use.

Carrier Network Design
and Planning

Find the best telecommunications solution for your business at the lowest possible rate. Iceberg Managed Solutions listens to your organization's needs, consults with you on the best solutions, and implements a plan to redesign your telecommunications network. We work with over 80 carriers including AT&T, Comcast Business, Level3 and more.

BENEFITS: No longer waste time negotiating prices, implementing and troubleshooting your telecommunications network, or dealing with carrier reps who are constantly being replaced; we’re your single point of contact. Get unbiased advice on the best carrier for your business. Ongoing support is included.

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